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Formazione in Inglese
Darrell Kirkman
Darrell Kirkman Nasce come attore e cantante, attività che svolge ancora attualmente. Dopo essersi diplomato presso il conservatorio di Mannes a New York studia lingue straniere presso il Manhattan College.
In Italia lavora da molti anni come consulente nell’ambito della formazione aziendale presso alcuni dei più prestigiosi istituti privati e pubblici, nonché in aziende nazionali e multinazionali, ricoprendo ruoli quali coordinatore linguistico, direttore didattico, coach e docente per corsi di lingue e public speaking.
È specializzato in particolare sulla tema della cultural diversity e dello sviluppo delle competenze manageriali tramite il team building.
Darrell's courses
Business English
This practical course is designed to widen your knowledge of specific vocabulary in a work context and business situations. Emphasis is placed on communication tasks which give you the opportunity to practice fluency and build confidence in business situations.
Cross Cultural Communication
What is culture? What do we mean when we say "cultural diversity?" Is this a code for saying "people who don't look like we do?" And who is the "we" implied in that previous sentence?
These are the kinds of questions we will explore in this class.
This course examines the emergence of and dynamic patterns of interaction between cultural groups.
International Meeting language
Language Taught for Meetings and Language Used in Meetings: Is there Anything in Common?
Marion Williams in 1986 wrote an article examining the language used by native speakers of English in business meetings. This is compared with the language taught by business English textbooks for use in meetings. The many exponents for functions that are taught by textbooks of business English are compared with those actually used in the meetings analyzed. It is found that there is almost no correspondence at all between the two. This raises questions of whether textbooks are in fact teaching the correct, or the most useful or appropriate language for meetings.
Team Building
The course details the key skills required by anyone when leading a team or those involved to work within one. The main subject areas which will be addressed in detail are team building, team management, the individual's roles within the team, communication and problem solving methods and techniques will also be demonstrated with regard to practical applications within a team structure. Providing the opportunity to develop skills and practice techniques.
The art of negotiating isn't just reserved for the boardroom. This negotiation training course teaches practical and effective techniques for WIN - WIN solutions to every day negotiations like between managers and staff, inter-departmental situations, between a buyer and seller, or deciding where to eat with a group of friends.
Public Speaking
How do we appear to others? Are we able to feel comfortable in front of public? Can we establish a real contact and keep the attention alive? Can we introduce ourselves or tell a story? Can we discuss a project or make a presentation?
Speaking and delivering a presentation in public is an ability increasingly required by most of today's jobs. Professionals of success today have as their main asset the ability to speak effectively in public, to direct the conversation and to be able to face the most diverse cultures exploiting their specific customs. This is what a public speaker is trained for.
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